About Us


Body Panels Co.

Scott and Marcia Marshall met in St Louis Missouri and were married in 1980 in the temple in Manti UT. Scott had a Corvette restoration business for 20 years and became close friends with some other Utah Corvette restorers George and Lawana Tzeirankis (who later started Auto Body Panels Co. based out of Cincinnati) and Gary and Dale Ostler (who started Certifit based out of Salt Lake City).

In 1986 Scott and Marcia Marshall and their six children left their Corvette restoration business in West Bountiful Utah and moved to Memphis to start Body Panel Co. In 1993 they opened a branch in Nashville and in 2005 a branch in Evansville IN. Scott grew up in Salem, Indiana and was excited to get closer to his roots.

Scott still loves to play with vintage cars (56, 57, 60, 64, 65, 68 Corvettes, 57 Pontiac Safari, 60 Buick, and 62 Grand Prix). He always drives one to work. Marcia’s hobbies are her 21 grandchildren, her jersey cow, 40 chickens, and gourmet cooking. Body Panels is one of the few family-owned after market parts suppliers left in the country and Scott and Marcia are personally involved in ensuring highest quality parts and service available. Please call Scott personally if you have any problems: 901-372-7421.